Cell phones contribute to the development of leukemia?

Cell phones contribute to the development of leukemia?Cell phones contribute to the development of leukemia? The question of the security of mobile phones for their owners were once again in the spotlight after a team of biologists from the Italian National research Council under the direction of Fiorenzo Marinelli (Fiorenzo Marinelli) released the results of its new study. Marinelli and his colleagues decided to study the effects of radiation from mobile phones to cell leukemia. This idea arose after it was revealed that the owners of cellular phones this disease occurs more often than other people. The life cycle of a single cell leukemia is well known, so you may notice changes in her behavior was not so difficult. Within days leukemia cells were irradiated with radio waves at a frequency of 900 MHz, a power of 1 milliwatt. Many European mobile operators work on 900 megahertz, the maximum capacity can reach 2 watt, although, as a rule, are limited to hardly one-tenth the power. Читать полностью -->

Happy with prosthesis

Happy with prosthesisAccording to German surgeons, surgery for implantation of a foreign body in the male reproductive organ, which is not dangerous for the health of the representatives of the strong half of humanity, experiencing erection problems. 70% of men who passed through such an operation, is satisfied with the results of the work of the surgeon and his exploits on the bed front. The survey, conducted among 66 male patients, one of the German clinics, showed that all the men decided on a prosthetic penis on the recommendation of her doctors. After 8 weeks after surgery the majority of patients being able to have sex without discomfort, according to German newspaper Express.. . . Читать полностью -->

Developed a method of treatment of osteoarthritis

Developed a method of treatment of osteoarthritisDeveloped a method of treatment of osteoarthritis Scientists believe that soon it will be possible to use a method of gene therapy for the treatment of osteoarthritis. Currently there is no effective way of dealing with this disease, because existing drugs are only able to remove the symptoms, but does not prevent disease progression. In addition, these drugs have numerous side effects and, in particular, is contraindicated for people who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract. But now scientists from Manchester began experiments on creating a method of gene therapy for the treatment of osteoarthritis. If the experiment proves successful, they plan to move to clinical trials in the next decade. Source: Russian hardcover. Читать полностью -->


ConstipationCONSTIPATION - polietiologic syndrome long delay defecation. There are constipation: 1). neurogenic (functional or organic diseases of the Central nervous system, frequent conscious inhibitions reflex defecation caused by the conditions of life or work - lack of toilets, the work of the driver, the seller, and so on); 2). reflex (with organic lesions of the digestive system and other organs and systems), including protogenia; 3). toxic (chronic poisoning by drugs lead, morphine, nicotine, nitrobenzene, long-term employment in high doses of anticholinergic and antispasmodic agents); 4). "endocrine - decreasing functions of pituitary, thyroid, ovaries; 5). Читать полностью -->

Found a cure for childhood cancer

Found a cure for childhood cancerBritish researchers from the University of Birmingham (University of Birmingham) have found a cure for lymphoma, Burkitt's lymphoma (Burkitt s lymphoma) is a cancer that kills thousands of children in Equatorial Africa. In patients with this lymphoma cancer doubled in size within 24 hours The drug was able to get when mixing medications from heart disease with contraceptive methods, more precisely clofibrate acid (clofibric acid) with medroxyprogesterone acetate (medroxyprogesterone acetate). Today, the Burkitt's lymphoma relatively successfully treated with intensive chemotherapy, but for the people of Africa, its implementation is often impossible, so the medicine will be very opportunely. Рњembrana. . . Читать полностью -->

Dizziness and cardiac arrest

Dizziness and cardiac arrestAs demonstrated by scientists, people suffering from heart rhythm disorder, the cause of repeated stops the heart, dizziness and deep fainting is hypersensitivity cardioinhibitory reflex. J. In Grilley and his colleagues (Department of cardiology, Hospital of the South Clevland, UK) has developed this study to examine the results of therapy aimed at treating chronic cardiac arrhythmias in elderly people after a heart attack. Cause dizziness and deep fainting, in this case, is hyperactivation cardioinhibitory reflex. People who have observed arrhythmias, dizziness and fainting, which presumably was cardioinhibitory sinus syndrome or cardioinhibitory vasovagal syndrome. Studies have shown, after implanting an artificial pacemaker, 84% of patients fainting and dizziness stop for at least 10 months. Читать полностью -->

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